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In 1991, after thirty years of virtually severed relations, former美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型 Chinese President Yang Shang江宁区王登华kun and his Mongolian counterpart, PresidentPunsalmaagiin Ochirbat, met to reinstate their diplomatic relationship. Since then, the two countries' collaboration has strengthened progressively, with 周立波老婆胡洁cooperation on the Russia-Mongolia-China Economic Corridor the latest in a series of projects that has aligned the two countries closer.

▲ 蒙古国首任总统彭萨勒玛・奥其尔巴特

Mongolia's first President Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat

China Focus采访了蒙古国妈妈的美容液首任总统奥其尔巴特,听他畅谈中蒙两国关系如何发展,中国的快速发展如何影响蒙古国,以及为什么增进双边关系的承诺将进一步造福两国等问题。

In a wide-ranging interview, China Focus interviewed Mongolia's first President to find out how China and Mongolia's relationship is growing, how China's rapid development has had beneficial knock-on effects in Mongolia and why future ties promise to bring further benefits to both countries.


How Do You View China's Development?

蒙古国首任总统奥其尔巴特对30多年前来到中国的经历仍然记忆犹新。他回忆道:“1980年,我由中国内地前往香港,那时候的北京看起来非常贫穷,人们的生活,街道,自行车,客车厢等等都很落后。”在接受China Focus专访时,他说这次来到中国,对北京的印象发生了很大的转变。他调侃道:“我似乎有些摸不着北了,我唯一能找到的地方恐怕就是蒙古大使财迷王爷败金妃馆。北京发生了翻天覆地的变化,可见这些年来中国的变革和发展。”

Ochirbat still remembers the first time he visited Beijing more than 30 years ago. “In 1980, I went to Hong Kong through the Chinese mainland,” he said. “ At that time, Beijing seemed very poor and underprivileged: the life, the streets, the bifrf2cycles, the carriages and such.” He futher told China Focus that h美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型is impressions of Beijing have changed tre川大玻璃杯mendously. “Now I don't know where anything is in Beijing. I only know where the Mongolian Embassy is,” he said humorously. “Everything else is so unrecognizable to me. That's how much China has reformed and developed.”

▲ 2016年7月14日,李克强总理与蒙古国总理额尔登巴特在乌兰巴托国家宫共同出席两国合作协议签字仪式。(图片/中国政府网)

On July 14, 2016, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Mongolian Prime Minister Jargaltulgyn Erdenebat attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the two co愉情untries at the Government Palace in Ulaanbaatar. (Photo/gov.cn)


During his presidency, Ochirbat chose China for his first official visit. He and Li Peng, who was then the Chinese Premier, signed a joint李达渊 communique and held meetings and discussions on the future relationship between the two countries, exploring how to further develop mutually beneficial cooperation. “This all became a reality because of that official visit, I believe,” Ochirbat recalls. “One country had begun to develop, while the ot美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型her had developed rapidly.” This is how he described the meaning of his visit. I美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型n addition to the history of Chinese and Mongolian relations, he al泱泱so shared his opinion on China's development and the Belt and Road Initiative.


“In general, we are proud of China's development. The more China develops, the more it will contribute to Mongolia's development. That's why we have a much bigger purpose than just the interest of one country. We need many countries to com美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型e together and join forces so that collectively, we can all benefit. We place a great deal of importance on promoting mutually beneficial cooperation with China,” he says.


How Do You View the Belt and Road Initiative?


"For China, this big initiati腹黑少爷卖萌控ve is very beneficial, and it is also for China's neighbours, including Mongolia. The Sixth Economic Corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative is the corridor connecting three countries: China, Mongolia and Russia. It may seem like a way to create a large network of three countries. But in 强要fact, through this network, there will be many opportunities for industries and cultures to blossom in a wide range of ways."

▲ 2018年4月11日,中国—蒙古国商务论坛在京举行,旨在搭建中蒙企业沟通桥梁,扩展中蒙两国经贸合作。

China-Mongolia Business Forum was held in Beijing on April 11, 2018, aiming to build a bridge between Chinese and Mongolian enterprises and expand economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.


"For example, power plants will be built along this route, brand new factories will also be built and existing factories will become more efficient. President Xi Jinping said there are many big projects regarding Mongolia, such as the Tavan Tolgoi's coal deposit project and the building of a copper smelting plant, based on the Oyu tolgoi copper-gold industry."

▲ 2017年5月12日,中国国家主席习近平在人民大会堂会见来华出席“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛的蒙古国总理额尔登巴特。(图片/中新社)

On May 12, 重生之终极异形2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Mongolian Prime Minister Jargaltulgyn 天菜是什么意思Erdenebat at the great hall of the 仲根霞people, who was here for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. (Photo/China News Service)


"Many railways, roads and high-voltage power transmission lines are the basis for th仁藤萌乃e development of these three countries. So, I understand that the Belt and Road Initiative is the fundamental basis for global development of supply. The initiative is a fundamental basis for worldwide development."


What Are the Expectations For the China and Mongolia's Future Development?


I heard someone say that if you want to see the world's development, look at China. If you want to see China's development, look at Guangdong. If you want to see the development of Guangdong, l徐予馨ook at Shenzhen. Now that I think about it, I have been to these places. New technology and leading designs have been taken up all over China, creating a quality and an aesthetic that is very pleasing.


What I've heard from there is that China built a 5,000 km highway in just 13 months. This is amazingly fast work. So, I thought美女壁纸,徐子崴,本田suv车型 to myself, they could build a high-quality railway through Mongolia, from China to Russia, in just as quick a time. It would be a wonderful contribution and it would speed up the process of the Sixth Economic Corridor plan.

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